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Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend harvest and short updates of weekend activities!!

Yay, egg-plant!!!!

Not many, but they were enough for me. The kids and my wife are not really into this, they doesn't really like eggplant. I planned to grill the eggplant and eat with a cup of hot rice. Yummy!

Booyah!! The cucumber and spring bean seeds that was previously sowed by my daughter have sprouted and gave off shoots wildly on day 4. It seems like I have to find bamboos and prepare the plots quickly. I planned to transfer them this weekend!

I ate dragon fruits (also known as pitaya ) that my wife bought from nearby flea market. I never really enjoy them before as to me; it is really strange to eat cactus. Hahaha. By the way, I started to love this fruit as it really rich in fibers. So I decided to keep and dry the seeds. I planned to sow them this weekend after I transfer the spring beans and cucumbers.

I brought my little diva for a nearby hair saloon. She had a new hair cut yo!

My wife attended a weekend course conducted by Family Medicine Specialists Association in Kuantan. This is the strangest hotel we ever rented, where you can find "window" in its toilet. Ewww...hahahaha.

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