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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Hippocratic Oath

You may read about the oath here, but I would like to comment the video.

I watch this video yesterday, and the robber probably bled to death getting his major blood vessels hit by the bullet(s). Kudos for the police to bring him down for the safety of the public. I could not agree less, but shooting him down may be the best option to stop him - at that moment.

However when I saw the robber was pleading to be saved, I reckon he deserved the right to be salvaged. As a human, I disagree that this is the way to deal with the injured person, and leaving him to die is totally inhumane.

I am not blaming the police per say. The crowd were busy recording "the moment" instead of calling the ambulance or do necessary thing to stop the bleed. Sigh.

Some people may say that when he decided to rob, he was giving up human rights. Well, that is something that the court should handle with, and could only happen if the robber were saved.

But, this is only my judgement based on what I saw in the video. You may agree to disagree.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Oh my English!

"Sayang, I think we should start to have English conversation at home" suara aku setelah bagun tidur pagi tadi.

"Oh yes, but why?" tanya isteriku.

"Perhaps, we can give early English exposure to our kids" terang aku.

"Sure we can. What if they learn wrong English from you?" tanya isteriku.

"Well, I personally think they can learn from both of us. They can learn impeccable English from you and the wrong one from me" terang aku.

"Ok, then!" balas isteriku setuju.
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