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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Because learning ABC is way too mainstream for them.

So we decided to keep them closer to nature.

I hope that their sense of learning could be radically improved by encouraging them to get active and interacting directly with surroundings.

There are lots more to learn from our mother earth, which iPad and books can't afford.


Camping near to an imaginative bonfire.

The perks of getting back to kampung during musim buah-buahan.

Experiencing the basic concept of hydrophobic.

And off course, play with the rain!


sweet life said...

lagi 1..
jangan dekatkan mereka dgn tv..

wahh... cara ni boleh didik anak dara you bertambah rajin...

sweet life said...

gambar semua tak nak letak watermark ker? dunia internet ni luas..
boleh cuba guna ni

tapi kena rajin sikit lah... hehe

Nurhidayati Abd Aziz said...

So proud of you Kak Kiya (and Aufa too, of course!)!

elly nadyra said...

cantik gambar anak ko dlm air men daun tu

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