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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A sacred message from the Superfoxes.

This is my respond.

I read the latest entry from BTB's blog ( yesterday. I personally think that the idea of creating a travelling fund for BTB group members (and their extended members) is simply awesome.

It is just too good to be imagined that each and everyone can spend quality times togather in any selected places in the near future. Oh, I just can't stop thinking K and F playing with wallabies on one of the houseboat's stoppage point in Hawkesbury River.

I totally agreed with Yati and Kak Opie. Ever since we graduated and started working, we have been slowly sculpting our lives around each other. No matter how far or how close we get, we always find ways to do something together, like brothers and sisters, or Superfoxes and Uberfoxes.

For the record, most of our "get-along" activivities were conducted locally, in Malaysia. Since will be setting up our own "piggy bank", it would be better if we plan for an oversea trip as for one of our next class "excursion".

I always interested to discover the north, so Seam Reap, and Harbin would be the best choice in my preference. However, the onus to choose the best place to visited is not on me, so I left it to everyone's consideration - as long as I can't take good photos. Hehehe.

My dear Superfoxes, please count me (D and the kids too) in! We are so into this :)
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